What you need to know

The Treasure: 

The Gargaphia treasure is safely stored in a secure and hidden location only to be revealed to the first person that completes the journey. The treasure consists of more than 1,000 valuable items, including antiques, gold, silver pieces, jewels, art, and collectibles from around the world. Certain items within the treasure might be highlighted until its mystery has been solved. If so, they will be revealed on the Author’s Facebook page (link provided on the front page of the website). 

The Journey: 

The journey to the Gargaphia treasure consists of four stages, the first of which can be found on this website. All stages can be completed anywhere in the world. You will need access to the internet as well as the book, Gargaphia: Where History Means Murder. Either the hard copy or the Kindle version can be used, and there is a link on the front page of the website that guides participants to Amazon where the book can be purchased (the Kindle version is less than $5.00). No other direct expenses will be necessary in order to complete the stages within the journey. 

Answers to the stages must be submitted through this website along with the contact information of the participant. If a stage is completed successfully, it will unlock the next stage and we will contact you with information for the next stage by email. The completion of the fourth stage will unlock the treasure, which will be awarded to the successful participant. 


Clues to the stages might be provided if necessary. If clues are to be given, they will be revealed on the author’s Facebook page (link provided on the website’s front page).